TOGAWA Sun Paint Hose (PB-easy)



TOGAWA Sun Paint Hose (PB-easy) 

With the use of polyamide resin, the solvent resistance is significantly improved compared to conventional painting hoses.


Material : Polyamide/Polyurethane resin product
Usage : For Piping of paints and solvents
Features : Superior in flexibility and pressure resistance, this hose will
Fluids : Paints   Solvents 
Specifications : Working temperature limit: Between -20°C and + 60°C

Features : A versatile painting hose is now available!
●As a conductive sleeve is applied around the outer layer, the grounding can be completed just by tightening the metallic joint (when the resistance value is “9 x 106Ω” or less, and the whole length is 15m or less).6Ω

Nominal designationInner diameter(mm)Outer diameter(mm)Regular size(m)Maximum working pressure MPa at 20°CMinimum bending radius(mm)Regular size weight(kg)

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