TOGAWA Pure Food Hose (JHP)



TOGAWA Pure Food Hose (JHP) 

A PVC food hose conforming to JHP (PVC food sanitation association), JHP = Self-imposed specifications of Japan Hygienic PVC Association.


Material : Flexible PVC product
Usage : For conveyance of foods and beverages.
Features : A safe hose conforming to the JHP specifications  without harmful substances contained.
Fluids : Foods and beverages
Specifications : Working temperature limit: Between -5°C and + 70°C

Important notice on food hoses : Odor and/or taste may be generated in some rare cases by the reaction between the hose and fluids (water, foods, or cleaning agents). Check the odor and taste before and after using the hose, as there may be great difference between persons.

What are JHP specifications(self-imposed specifications of Japan Hygienic PVC Association)? : 

Based on the food sanitation law, the specifications define the recommended materials, unintended materials for use, and the methods of material and dissolve tests. The display of JHP logo is allowed for the products approved by the association. Pure Foods Spring Hose does not contain any phthalate acid, which is registered with the JHP specifications and allowed to display the logo.

Nominal designationInner diameter(mm)Outer diameter(mm)Regular size(m)Maximum working pressure MPa at 20°CMinimum bending radius(mm)Regular size weight(kg)

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