D.I.D Standard Roller Chain
Worldwide Standard Chains complying with
ANSI, BS and ISO. The chains not only meet
enough the requirements for the strength
by ANSI, BS and ISO, but also provide the
world’s top class quality.

D.I.D Ultimate Life Chain Series
Introducing wide variety of anti-elongation
chains for customers who are concerned with
lubrication, maintenance cost and reducing
downtime. DID is a pioneer of Sealed Chain
technology and World No. 1 Motorcycle Chain manufacturer.

D.I.D Environment Resistant Chain Series
“Strong chains suitable for use in various
Introducing wide variety of
anti-corrosion chains and specialty chain
for customers who are concerned with
corrosion resistant and working environment.
DID’s Environment Resistant Chains will
perform well under severe conditions.

D.I.D Ultimate Power Chain Series
“Strong chains suitable for use in various
conditions” Introducing three different
types of high fatigue and tensile strength
roller chain to meet the requirement from
various heavy industries. DID Ultimate
Power Chains are well accepted by major
construction and earthmoving machine
OEMs due to the fact of allowing you to
select the chain one size smaller.
D.I.D Conveyor Chain
Introducing wide variety of chains for
conveyor application. We have high
level technology, experiences, and
lots of past achievements in the
field of Conveyor Chains.
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